“Hey Who’s This Guy?” Dean Ambrose and the SummerSlam Chronicles.

This week’s Monday Night Raw, the last one before SummerSlam, ended with the dramatic return of Dean Ambrose.  As these posts have been intended to help new fans get up to speed, the return of Dean Ambrose has to be explained.


Years ago during a main event on pay per view, three random men came out of the audience and attacked.  Who are they?  What are they doing?  Finally the camera gets a good look and all three men are recognized as wrestlers in WWE’s “minor league” developmental company.  They weren’t a faction before hand.  They weren’t known for being close before.  But here are all three as a unit and now on Monday Night Raw.

Dubbed the Shield they took out everyone.  Three rookies to WWE destroy champions, legends, and everyone else on the roster week in and week out.  They were an undeniable force laying waste to everyone in their path.  The three men were Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose.  They collected titles, won main events, and WWE had three future headlining stars on their hands.

Eventually the time came to break this group up.  Seth Rollins turned on the other two and many feuds and matches took place.  All of the men went on to other feuds and other stories but the fans had that dream of maybe one day the three would reunite.  Even as single stars the three would be intertwined.  Seth beat Roman for the World title and then Dean runs down with the Money in the Bank briefcase to beat Seth.  Within about 5 minutes all 3 men were the World champion.  No faction has ever done that, and probably never will again.

Despite fighting, despite what directions their careers took the three men it always looked like the connection was as strong as ever.  Almost like having that friend that you grow up with and through college, marriage, kids, moves, all of it you’re still connected.


Almost like having your best friend join you live at SummerSlam because the event is so big it must be shared with someone who has been there and understands the magnitude.

I don’t get to see my best friend as much as I would like, and much like Seth, Dean, and Roman I may have made mistakes along the way.  The Shield can crack sometimes, it might bend, but it never ever breaks. To Hellions and back, as a unit.

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