T.H.R.I.F.T. #4 Yard Sale Haul, Books and Movies.

Welcome to the 4th edition of Team Hellions Reselling Information and Finding Treasures.  The column where I teach you the lessons I have learned as a top rated eBay seller.

Today I went live to show off the haul.  There were two reasons for this.  One, YouTube is a valuable resource to build your audience.  Everyone wants to know how to get into this eBay game and make some money, thus many will seek out videos to learn from.  The more your name is out there the more views your videos get and in turn this could translate to more sales in your eBay store.

Also, there were so many books and movies as part of this haul.  To take pictures of all of them just to post in an article or on Instagram would take forever.  This was a much quicker way to show off all of the titles bought.  If you see one you like, let me know.  If its not yet on eBay we can cut a deal through PayPal.

Finally, if you feel inspired and want to put yourself out there for videos or blogs, know that you will always encounter the trolls and the haters.  But remember this:  that person had nothing better to do with their lives than to give you shit.  No partner, no kids, no job, no hobby, no creations, nothing.  Absolutely nothing better to do but seek you out and talk trash.  It is harder to create than destroy, but it is also much more rewarding.

So take a look at the newest video.  Get in on the ground floor as this multi level enterprise that is me profits and expands.

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