Pepper Potts to the Rescue in Avengers 4. Plus Proof from Infinity War.

Some very cool news came out earlier today.  The source isn’t the best, but if this is a fake it’s a good one.  An image showed up earlier today of Gwyneth Paltrow on the set of Avengers 4. She’s in her brand new Tony Stark built suit. This isn’t the same as her wearing the armor in Iron Man 3.  This suit is based on her comic book alter ego, Rescue. Check out the original post.


Great looking image.  Again, if this is a fake it’s a good one.  If this is a scene in Avengers 4, then that’s even better.  But how could any of us go about proving such a rumor? Dig for more details!

Take a look at this leaked image of some Avengers 4 toys.  That looks very similar in color to Paltrow’s suit.  Take a good look and tell me what you think.



Purple suit right next to Iron Man.  The text is fuzzy, but that is more thank likely Rescue.

I know what you’re thinking.  These fuzzy images are great but if that was proof of anything we would all accept Bigfoot as fact.  So what if there was more than images. What if there was video and dialogue that confirms this. What if a big secret has been hiding under our noses since Infinity War was released?  That’s right.  Re-watch Tony talking to Pepper while he is aboard the spaceship.  It sounds like Pepper is threatening Tony but the captions tell a different story.



Not “I’m going to…” kill you, hurt you, be mad at you.  Whatever a partner might say when it’s possible they are talking for the last time. No.  Pepper says, “I’m going too.”  As in, she’s going to suit up and join Tony in the battle.  How long do you think it would take her to get the armor, make sure it’s space ready, and then track Tony? Long enough to show up after the battle is lost and Tony is sitting there with the dust of his fallen teammates around him and only Nebula at his side? Yeah, I think it would take at least that long to catch up.

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