10 to Midnight.

Earlier this evening I was organizing my eBay store and stumbled across the 10 to Midnight VHS from 1983.  That inspired tonight’s post.

It’s only four days into the New Year and there’s already been famous deaths, drama, and enough life to feel like we’re all two weeks into the year instead of just over half of one. Life is simultaneously fast and every day drags. Black Panther came out less than a year ago.  Also, an Olympics happened last year.  Both feel like a generation ago.

In researching future topics that actually were a generation ago I came across old articles and drafts going back just over 10 years. I’m finding that looking back can give the motivation to move forward. Daily inventory can lead to frustration but in the long game, progress is obvious.

Sitting down late at night to knock out a few hundred words is easy to me now.  Yet, not that long ago many late night posts were copy/paste, some not even my own work, just to check that box that something was posted.  Those posts not only have no long term hits but also no pride when they do occasionally resurface. Writing something original, putting my own effort into the world – that feels like an accomplishment even years later. Daily, not so much.  If I missed a day writing back then it hurt and I felt failure.  Now, there’s no recollection of missed days – only the posts the day before and after.

We’re four years into the year and some of you feel like failures already.  Broken resolutions, if even started.  Ate candy for lunch, so why not a cake for dinner.  Didn’t run today so cancel it tomorrow too.

One, I don’t think resolutions have to be a be all end all for New Year’s Day.  Lets make it New Year’s Week.  January 1st isn’t an optimal day for anything. Hangovers, limited store hours, still feeling the Christmas drain. It’s a set up for failure. But starting just anytime during the week and using the first week as a test run can lead to a better mindset and a better chance for results.

Also, the previously mentioned long game. There’s a lot of trite sayings out there but every journey began with a single step is true. If you want to lose 20, 30, or more pounds remember that that weight wasn’t gained in a month so it won’t be lost in a month either.  Even little victories are better than none. Half a workout, a better dinner after an unhealthy lunch.  Or writing from the heart for the night instead of a post demanding more research.

I have multiple goals for the year but built in to them is a promise to not beat myself up over one day. I implore you to do the same and maybe we will succeed together.

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