Spanning Generations.

Tonight while watching Rock & Rule yet again to prepare the final review my son wandered into the room. There was music, and a cartoon, and something sounded exciting and action packed. While the movie is darker than a Disney film, it’s also rated PG. Anything that might be outside of age appropriate is dialogue that’s also over his head.

He was fascinated by the movie.  Asking about the bad guy, why the good guy was down, who’s the girl, are they boyfriend and girlfriend. Questions can become a burden but this was fun. He discovered something new and wanted to know everything about it.

My favorite moment was when he asked me why they’re singing. To defeat the bad guy buddy. “That’s cool.  I like this song.”  I don’t think I could hide my happiness.

He won’t form his musical tastes until around 11-15 and for the next ten or so years from there. At that point he’s pretty much set with what genres he enjoys. I have a while, but this seed felt like a moment. Much better than when I was listening to Pantera in the car and he asked me why Bat-Dad was singing. This felt like enough for him to remember the film when he’s much older, as I am doing now.

Not only a seed of enjoying movies and music, but a seed of sharing with me. Most of the music he knows and discovers at this age are cover versions of the classics.  Jingle Bells, Wheels on the Bus, things like that. However, he has already brought numerous movies into my life that I enjoy the hell out of. Jurassic World, Rampage, Goosebumps. We’re just getting started. With all of the other media I want to consume, these movies were filed away to “maybe someday”. He is that target audience though. A child who loves monsters and the safe scares. I have a blast watching these over the top ridiculous fun movies.

We might not study music theory or go watch the World According to Garp, but if there’s a Wolfman on the loose and the music cranked to 11 a big and little Hellions are going to be there to enjoy it.


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