Peppa Pig’s Greatest Inside Joke.

(Editor’s note: 1983 continues tomorrow, but family commitments prevented me from finishing the next installment.)

Peppa Pig is a ridiculously popular and at times annoying children’s show. Peppa lives with her parents and her brother. She has many other animal friends, all with alliterative names: Suzy Sheep, Rebecca Rabbit, and as about to be discussed – Freddy Fox.

Freddy is a nice male fox who hangs out with Peppa and her friends in playgroup. He plays, has a good sense of smell, and is very proud of his father. Mr. Fox runs a store. A store that sells all sorts of stuff that anyone could possibly want. He also drives a van filled with some of these items. It’s not overtly said in a kid’s cartoon but Mr. Fox runs a junk store and probably drives around to flea markets as well.

Mr. Fox runs a junk shop.

Mr. Fox.

And his son, Freddy.

Freddy Fox.

Fred Fox.

Redd Foxx.

And his son. Run a junk shop.

Sanford and Son starring Redd Foxx.

This joke is far overhead of the target audience, and I thought the original British audience wouldn’t have knowledge of an old American sitcom. Turns out Sanford and Son is based on the British series Steptoe and Son.

This is the most well done Peppa Pig has been since bacon.

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