The Annual 25 Things to Watch Other than the Super Bowl.

Once again, welcome to the list of 25 alternatives to watch instead of the Super Bowl. Or “the Big Game” if you’re trying to promote the game without the express written consent of the National Football League.

Click the tags at the end of the article to find previous years posts. Really though, it’s just a list of what was on TV years ago. I look at it as a time capsule of what I was interested in watching previously that I wouldn’t waste a moment on now. It’s also interesting to see which shows were popular enough to support all day marathons but are now rarely found.

As with every year, there are some rules to follow:

These must be shows I would actually watch and be interested in any other day. I can’t pick something just because it happens to be on today. Fro example, I cant say I will spend my time watching a hockey game. Or Kardashian vs Food.

The shows or movies must air during the official time frame for the Super Bowl. Kickoff is scheduled at 630 pm eastern and the game is officially scheduled until 10 pm. Marathons can start before and continue past this time. Movies have to be confined within this time.

Also, only options on network or cable can be considered. No HBO or paid movie channels. No pay per view. No streaming choices. So I can’t pick 25 things on the WWE Network (although there will be a note at 26).


  1. The Simpsons, 7-730 and 8-830 on Fox
  2. Bob’s Burgers, 730-8 and 830-9 on Fox
  3. Family Guy, 9-930 on Fox
  4. America’s Funniest Videos, 7-8, 8-9 on ABC
  5. Supergirl, 8-9 on CW
  6. Finding Dory, 715-915 on FreeForm
  7. UFC Unleashed, 7-8 on ESPN
  8. Home Movies, 8-830 on Adult Swim
  9. Harvey Birdman, 830-9 on Adult Swim
  10. Mike Tyson Mysteries, 9-930 on Adult Swim
  11. Jurassic Park III, 8-10 on AMC
  12. The Secret Life of Pets, 8-10 on FX
  13. Ancient Aliens marathon on History
  14. Futurama marathon on Syfy
  15. Charmed marathon on Pop
  16. The Simpsons Movie 7-9 on FXX
  17. River Monsters, 8-10 on Science Channel
  18. Sleepy Hollow, 8-10 on El Rey
  19. Man vs Food, 7-730 and 730-8 on Cooking channel
  20. Resident Evil: Retribution 730-930 on Fuse
  21. Family Feud marathon on Game Show Network
  22. Three’s Company marathon on Logo
  23. Aeon Flux, 8-10 on YouToo
  24. Adventure Time, 9-10 on Boomerang
  25. American Ninja Warrior Juniors, 830-930 on Universal Kids


Cartoons, sci-fi, comedy, and people doing dumb things. This list sums me up pretty well.

A big missing piece is the lack of wrestling on here, but hold on! Not an official choice because it’s on the streaming WWE Network but this year, WWE is bringing back Halftime Heat. The three biggest faces on NXT will take on the three biggest heels in a six man tag team match airing live during the Super Bowl halftime. Just change your channel over to WWE, enjoy the match, then return in time for the third quarter.

I’ll be paying attention to commercials today, hoping for a new super hero one at some point. Then a little Halftime Heat and honestly there usually aren’t any memorable commercials in the 4th quarter or beyond.

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