Joysticks Part 1.

While yesterday’s video game talk was a bit of a downer, today is the beginning of a brighter side.

Joysticks was a video game based film from 1983 that intended to capitalize on the video game craze. It also wanted to capitalize on the success of Porky’s. Mixing raunchy sex comedies with video games. What could go wrong? Well, the worst part of it is that the movie was filmed in two weeks and made less than $4 million dollars. It is terrible, ridiculous, and if I held a monthly movie club (which I have debated on) this would absolutely be a selection. Because the review is going to be near 2000 words today everyone gets a break.

Tomorrow we start evaluating the 1983 not even cult classic, Joysticks.


If you would like to watch the movie it is available on Amazon Prime and other lesser known video streaming apps. If you have a Roku or similar device, type in Joysticks and some app options will come up.

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