Place Mat Expirations.

Crazy day today. But for days like this I save pictures is ridiculous things I see during the day.

Today that thing is a placemat on a tray at a local seasonal burger place. This picture was taken in 2018. I wish I put something obvious in the frame as well, so there would be no question of the year.

Now if I received a similar paper stating “1967-2017. 50 Years” then I would understand using the same sanitary tray lining the next year. Celebrate the milestone.

Instead it’s 20 years later. The only option is someone ordered way too many. Was it the restaurant and they have been stuck using the same ones for 20 years? Or could it have been the original supplier/printer, now forced to give a significant discount to any and all interested parties just to move one more case out of the warehouse. Either way someone probably lost a job.

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