Joysticks (1983) Review Part 4.

Once again we enter the world of coin operated comedy. It’s part 4 of an ongoing series reviewing the ridiculousness that is the 1983 film, Joysticks. Click on the Joysticks tag for all of the posts in the series.

Eugene has now been the fool multiple times already in the movie. It appears to be time for him to get a bit of retribution. While Eugene foolishly fell into the hot tub mini van, and there’s something I’m not sure has ever been written before, Jeff and McDorfus concoct a plan to assist him. Jefferson bribes the two sorority girls, Lola and Alva, to come back to his private office to check out the brand new video game that just came in.

Oh does this bring me back. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I saw the video game obsessed guy in school get the girls. Lots of money? New car? Quarterback? Those guys are nothing in comparison to the man who made sure to get the power. Nintendo Power!

Anyways; Lola, Alva, and Jefferson are in the office enjoying the new video game. Which has somehow become strip video game. I’m not even sure what the rules for this would be. When your character dies? Are their rounds? Where does one keep the quarters? Again anyways, the girls are trying to get more familiar with Jefferson but he keeps stopping them before it goes too far. There’s clearly something or someone preventing him from joining in a two player game. Maybe he has performance anxiety. Maybe he realizes that a circular bed in the middle of his office with the brand new video game is beyond reality and firmly in absurdity. I mean, where does one even find sheets for such a bed? For now his issues remain a mystery.

Also a mystery is why Eugene and McDorfus are carrying around a fire extinguisher. They lift it up into one of the many air vents inside the arcade and let loose. Is there a fire connecting to the snack bar? Is a video game overheating? No, before Jefferson has to explain his issues, his entire office fills up with the flame retardant. It fills the room, causing the girls to gasp for air and run out the door to safety. During their strange strip video game contest. Thus the girls are mostly naked when they run out of the room and into the arms of… Joseph Rutter. Eugene and McDorfus take a picture of the girls to even up when the girls took Eugene’s pants at the start of the movie. So now there is a wholesome picture of two very young topless girls with our local businessman trying to shut down the arcade. I’m sure this crazy moment won’t come back in act 3.


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