The Legend of Mexican Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy.

This tweet is currently blowing up on Twitter but it deserves to get even more attetnion. Every article, every tweet, every post could be the one to knock down a wall (not that one) to bring these stories out of obscurity.

This is the tweet which shined a light on a little known part of comic book history.


So in the same year when the world discovers alternate Spider-Man after Into the Spider-Verse. Just a couple of years after every version of Spider-Man appears in a massive Marvel Comics crossover. This still goes unnoticed. Nearly 4 years (monthly) of an alternate reality where Peter Parker marries Gwen Stacy. And forty something years later has never been translated, released in America, reprinted. This isn’t Captain Forgotten Character who appeared in one issue. This is Spider-Man!

Just imagine Marvel announcing that for the next four years this title will be translated, released monthly, and collected into numerous graphic novels. Shut up and take my money!

The kicker is most of us had no clue this existed until today. What more is out there that our ignorance of another country, another language, is preventing us from discovering? The UK Transformers comic was in English and still flew under the radar for years. There could be Batman, Avengers, who knows what else waiting to be rediscovered.

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