Joysticks (1983) Movie Review Part 6.

I can’t believe I’m up to part six of this series. But here we are. If you want to know what came before, click on that tag that says Joysticks and it will bring up all previous articles.

With the video games saved and the henchmen thwarted, the arcade throws a middle of the night pajama party. It is yet another excuse to showcase cute girls in skimpy outfits. And there is no shortage of such in this movie. Everyone is here.

Well, not everyone. King Vidiot and his punk girlfriend entourage show up and question why they weren’t invited to the party. For some reason the King is persona non grata at the arcade. No good reason is given. He’s socially awkward and weird but so are other people we have seen welcomed at this coin op paradise. While people are barely dressed the number one problem is these dirty punks inside the arcade. While King Vidiot makes foolish decisions later in the movie there is no history established for the anger he receives. King cuts a deal with Jefferson. If he can win a video game, he can stay. It’s King Vidiot vs. McDorfus on the giant split screen.

Now this set up is pretty crazy. The filmmakers wanted a way to have the game, both screens, and the players on camera at the same time. So they created a giant split screen to show the video game. Then they also created giant joysticks, which has nothing to do with the title of the movie. The buttons are on the giant ball of the controller and the whole thing has to be moved to move the character. It is a clever creation but also has no basis in reality.

Vidiot is building up the scoreboard. He looks untouchable. Especially when McDorfus isn’t even trying. He’s having soda, eating numerous unhealthy options. If cell phones existed at the time he would be on that too. Just could not care less or focus less on the game at hand. Why isn’t he taking any of this seriously? Because he’s that good, that’s why. McDorfus purposely loses his first two lives just to get Vidiot into a place of overconfidence. King Vidiot is sure he has the game won and then McDorfus comes from behind to destroy it. Almost as if it was a set up all along and all of that time spent in the arcade paid off.

King Vidiot and the rest of his misfits are kicked out of the arcade. Joseph shows up to find his daughter at the midnight madness and vows to shut down the arcade. When will these two very different people with very similar enemies team up?

Perhaps in the next post.

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