Revisiting Comic Store Trips.

This post originally appeared on a previous version of the site back in 2008. I had yet to move, get married, or have a child. It’s funny how some things change but others like my love of comics and my disdain of poorly run shops, will always hold true. I was looking at my stack of comics to read from the last month and thinking back to a time before commitments when I could spend the day going to various comic shops and spending money foolishly.

Take a look at this post which was never reprinted here. Tales of old comics will come back to this page soon.

Last week began a return to buying weekly comics.  That’s not to say that I haven’t been reading them weekly.  Between Borders, friends, and – um – other means, I’ve been keeping up to date on a good amount of comics.  But overall, its hit or miss.  Maybe the new issue will be at the bookstore.  Maybe it will still be in good condition, and maybe it will come in shortly after its’ Diamond release date so I can read it before spoilers are up.  But these things rarely happen, so I have brought back the weekly trips to the comic book store.  Each week, I’ll tell you what I bought and give a short review of the book.  Plus any other things I buy along the way.  Onto last week’s buys (technically the first week) for July 30, 2008.

Last Weeks comics
Last Week’s comics

Last week’s quest for comics was a long one.  Up until this point I was content to read what I could get my hands on by various means.  I haven’t had a pull box in years, and didn’t feel lacking for one.  I bought Previews and Wizard every month though, just to stay fresh on a multitude of titles.  I travel to the comic store that is further away from my house, but usually has what I’m looking for.  While I’m more loyal to another store, I want what I wanted and I wanted it now.  I pick the cover of Wizard that I want, out of the three available…

Wizard 203
Wizard 203

I hate movie covers (well, unless its a sexy one – which the Wolverine one was not) and I don’t know that I’ve ever read more than five issues of Witchblade/Darkness/etc in my life.  Not that I’m not willing to, I just don’t care for the cover hyping something I’m not reading.

There’s a lot of news that was “revealed” at SDCC in here.  Quick printing?  Or expertly timed release dates?  An Image reunion, and a Marvel Knights reunion in the same issue.  Late shipping jokes ahoy!  Seriously, I love his work, but why does Kevin Smith keep agreeing to do things when he never gets them done on time?  And if you’ve ever read his “Boring-Ass Life” blog, you would get the impression that he has plenty of time on his hands.

However, this was the only book I could find.  When I asked for Previews they were already sold out!  By Wednesday afternoon.  I know of stores that give them away to each customer who buys comics weekly.  This store received three.  I become even more frustrated when I try to see what new comics have been released, and I can’t find anything from letters A to D.  At a loss, my eyes wander to areas that no logical person would search for comics.  But they must be here!  I look behind other books, on the floor, behind the desk, dangling from the ceiling…  Oh you’ve got to be kidding me.  For reasons I’ll assume are related to space issues, comics starting with the letters A through D are on a shelf dangling from the ceiling.  And in front of that is another shelf with an extensive line of DC Direct action figures.  I’m 6 foot 1 and even I had trouble seeing anything up there.  “Excuse me, shop keep.  I would like to look at a copy of Batman R.I.P. – you know, a hot selling title – could you remove your Superman Red Son figure out of the way so I can purchase it?

Defeated, I walk to the other comic store in town.  Closer to my house, but very odd.  Afternoon hours only, piles upon piles of unsold merchandise – still priced at original cover.  Really.  If you want a Previews from 2000 for $4, its there.

But I wanted a copy of Previews from today.  And it was there.  When I told him (the shop owner) how defeated I was with the other store, he puts one copy of everything that came out that day on the counter and tells me to pick what I was looking for.  It was an off week, with little to interest me, but that one gesture sold me.  I bought a couple of books and started a new pull box.

Bought the new Previews (and Marvel supplement) as well, but that will take me a week or so to work my way through.  Yeah, it’s just a catalog but it may be the best book for your money every month.

Single issues saw…

Week 1 purchases
Week 1 purchases

Skaar, Son of Hulk #2, Teen Titans #61, and Wolverine #67 (Old Man Logan Part 2).  Not a lot to be excited about, but it was a 5th week with the two big magazines as well.  I’ll read them and post more thorough reviews later.  But the excitement of the day was the dollar bin…

Dollar Bin Week 1
Dollar Bin Week 1

Who’s Who Update ’88 #1 (to brush up on my DC Universe), Reload #1, Femforce Upclose #1, the Avengers #221, and Captain America Vol.3 #6 – with a Skrull!!!

Captain America #6
Captain America #6

Skrull Invasion issue from 1998!  Does this tie into anything going on with Secret Invasion?  I don’t know yet, I haven’t read it.

That’s it for this week.  Reviews coming soon.  Tune in every week for the adventures at the comic shop.


  1. I seriously can’t remember the last time I set foot in my local comic shop, which is sort of a shame because I like going in there to look at the (mostly overpriced) toys and books I wouldn’t see anywhere else.
    I made myself go digital years ago due to space issues and haven’t looked back. Plus, it’s nice not having a STACK of comics looming on my night table.

    • For some reason I’ve always loved the hunt. I have an upcoming dollar bin post coming up. There’s just a difference for me between finding something I’ve never seen or thought of before in a dollar bin that I don’t get digitally. Now, if it’s free I will grab all the digital I can in the same manner. Don’t know what it is, but it’s mine now. I did get in trouble for my “to read” stack this week though.

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