Forcing Me to Shop Elsewhere.

Very busy time here. Working full time and school is in the middle of winter break. Entertaining a five year old in an area without a lot of affordable entertainment is challenging. I’ve been exhausted. I’ve also been spending money.

The kid recently discovered Pokémon which is going to be a much larger post. We were at the local mall looking for all manner of pocket monsters. I was looking for new media to fuel the blog and my own obsessions.

We went into FYE. The store that is hanging on by selling less things that can be downloaded and more tangible items: toys, plush, cereals from a vinyl statue company. The usual. What should also be usual is Pokémon. Kids, adults, video games, toys, cards. There’s no end to the products or the fan base. Yet there was nothing. Not a Pikachu or Charizard to be found.

I decided to dig through the metal section. One copy of Ghost’s Grammy nominated album, no others. No King Diamond. Anthrax. Avatar. Dio. Iron Maiden. They were missing the gamut.

All I saw was multiple copies of Five Finger Death Punch and Avenged Sevenfold. “But Kevin they’re popular.” True. And popular music is sold at Walmart and Target. Niche and specialty stores should sell everything. That’s the whole point of them. I don’t expect Walmart to carry Dickens and the new history of the French Revolution but I do expect B&N to have both.

There was a K Pop section which without exaggeration was 5 times the size of the rock section.

However. Easy to find within the DVDs was A Serbian Film. Don’t look it up. Just know it is an infamous movie that goes too far and it’s a literal dare to sit through it. But there that is readily available. Yet I can’t walk in and walk out ready to blast Rainbow in the Dark in my car.

Thus forcing me to shop elsewhere.

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