Cold Day in Hell.

This isn’t my picture. From Minnesota. Same storm system though.

So today really got away from me, at least any potential for leisure. Schools were cancelled last night due to impending wind, snow, and blizzard conditions. I had to be at work by 6 and while I’ve had more pleasant drives in my life it wasn’t horrible.

The way home however. I should have known bad times were ahead when police were investigating a car accident (vs stationary object, no injuries) in the work parking lot. An accident which knocked out the first stop light of my journey home.

That journey took over an hour. From my best catch all the lights at the right time to this drive was 3-4 times longer. At no point was any part of the drive easier or could I let my guard down. It was a parade of hazard lights, and thankfully so. Many moments all I could see were those flashing lights and thankfully so.

It was the kind of journey where the promise of home is everything. I know where the end is and every foot gets me just a little bit closer. But I didn’t count on one of those feet to be a foot of snow.

Because this is a drifting blowing snowfall as well. There are clear spots where I can see concrete or grass. Other spots, like my driveway, have a foot of blown snow dumped in just the most pain in the butt place. Which had to be moved immediately to ensure crazy things like doors closing. Or me being able to walk. Luxuries.

After all these flashing lights and staring at unblemished white for an eternity I just couldn’t sit in front of a screen for hours.

Tune in tomorrow when my own 5 day forecast predicts a bit of a break.

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