Joysticks (1983) Movie Review Finale. OR: An Open Letter to Corinne Bohrer.

Ten parts in and it is time for Joysticks to end. More media from 1983 will be discussed. Who knows if there will be any other subject which will be discussed to this length. However, I am willing to guarantee nothing else will have the sadness and heartbreak that is the last moments of Joysticks.

Patsy, the sweetheart with the antagonist daddy, was by far the female star of the movie. The entire plot centers on people reacting to things because of her. Without her the entire movie falls apart. So of course we’re assuming she will end up with Jefferson at the end. What could be worse for her anti video game daddy than to see his little girl dating the owner of the arcade. It makes sense. At least 25 sense. Cents. Quarters. Video games? Anyways…

When Jefferson wins the video game contest at the end they celebrate together. Huge hugs and loving looks. It is a moment of pure happiness that ties the movie all up nicely. Through all of the craziness, these two found each other.


“Eugene and … Mommy?!”

In the last moments the ex girlfriend returns and Jefferson throws away Patsy like an Atari when Nintendo debuted. I don’t need the cute girl who has been here for months. I need the vixen who already threw me aside once and will probably do it again.

Patsy is a girl to be proud of, to be happy with, to show off to your friends. Corinne Bohrer portrayed her with so much heart that had I not already seen her in other movies I would have assumed this was how she is in real life. She completely makes the movie and then she is cast aside. What’s worse is she knows it too. Just look at the heartbreak on her face.

She is destroyed. Everything that she just put her priorities into is gone. She upset her father, probably took a financial inheritance hit, and not for what? To be in the friend zone? To be an afterthought? It’s not fair.

All I want is an answer. Ms. Bohrer, if you are reading this please help me to understand. What was the thought on set? Was there thought of a sequel? Am I missing a larger point? Did the film makers decided you were too young to be with Jefferson? If you ever read this please write to me teamhellions (at)gmail. I would love to quote it for a bonus article in this series. While this is a cult movie, there are still many fans that I can only assume were just as upset as I was watching the movie. I know it’s ridiculous to care about a plot in a over 35 year old movie. But that’s what the internet is for! Over analyzing thins that don’t really matter but we have fun doing it. Thank you for taking the time to consider my request.


And thanks to all the readers for enjoying Joysticks with me. Let’s see what other forgotten treasures we can find from 1983.

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