Remember When We Liked Rock Music in 1992. Wasn’t That Weird?

Let me preface this with this is not anything against the writer. Anyone who writes for a magazine has to write towards the agenda of the magazine and the editor. Not to me. If I don’t like the magazine there’s thousands, OK hundreds now, which are catered to every audience.

However, all of that said this is the magazine that helped inspire the 1983 project and then some. It inspired my desire to shed a light on many of the forgotten and cult creations that hold up and are more enjoyable than what most of us were told was popular. And it does so again this week.

A recent issue of Entertainment Weekly featured this piece:

Number 8, Nirvanva’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

“Seeing ‘Spirit’ slotted here between a baby songbird and a group of grown men in color-coordinated overalls really captures the WTF-ery of 1992.”

It is the only selection that does not talk about the actual band or the song. It is singled out as the odd song. The freak.

The song that single handed changed music, MTV, introduced a new dominant form of music, influenced a generation is “WTF” in comparison to such life changing songs as “I Love Your Smile.”

If Nirvana did not do it for you, that’s fine but you can’t deny that there are millions who would say differently. Instead there were are and will be articles stating rock is dead when in reality all genres of music have great new releases every year that requires a little bit of effort to find and enjoy. Remember when Gen X all of a sudden decided that Tony Bennett was great and he had a career resurgence? That can happen for any artist in jazz, folk, country, or even rock. Just get a little push from the right platforms and create a new number one hit.

Many of these number one hits are eye rolling embarrassments years later. While Nirvana can still elicit excitement and a turned up radio even when its played daily, most of these songs show up once a year as a curiosity on Throwback Thursday. If such an article wants a great example of “WTF” for this year “How do you Talk to an Angel” was a number one song. Because apparently the best way to achieve chart success is to seduce Donna Martin, push her down a flight of stairs, and then get to be the lead of a one season show with a new identity and a new town. Can you hear me now, Ray? On your pedestal. On your Heights?!


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