Research and Investment.

I spent money today people. Not enough to get in trouble. Just eye roll level. There was a bit of free time today and it was filled by typing “1983 magazine” into eBay.

It’s glorious. Due to their monthly or weekly nature magazines of the past are very similar to blogs today. Sometimes there’s not enough news and facts to fill the space and thus speculation runs rampant. Read any sci-fi magazine in between the original Star Wars trilogy releases. So much reading the tea leaves mixed with the blue milk.

Not only the Trilogy but also the forming of geek culture. Groundwork was there thanks to Star Trek and Famous Monsters. But things like VHS, comic shops, and a crazy thing called respect were still finding their legs. These magazines are full of missteps and missed predictions.

They’re also full of forgotten potential. News of shows and movies that were announced and never produced. Casting that changed. Interview revelations that sit quiet and unread.

Do yourself a favor. Buy an old magazine for your favorite interest. Sports, cooking, music. Any of it. You will discover something previously unknown on a subject that you thought you knew.

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