Scheduling the Pile.

(Not my house.)

I sit here excited for tomorrow because there’s a good chance I’ll be able to spread out all the blogging stuff for the day. Laptop, phone, movies, books, magazines. All of the research and works I’ve been meaning to get to for awhile.

Then I wondered if there are others out there who have the same wishes for a day off. Not to nap or drink or hunt. But to sit down and let other’s creativity inspire.

Somehow this has always been in me. I used to have shoddy shelves full of magazines, comics, and taped off tv vhs. Next to them were dozens of notebooks with thoughts on everything as I consumed it.

One day I threw those notebooks away. Partly for space and also because I didn’t know what use any of it had. Now I would love to have them again as inspiration. Memories of what I did watch and read. Learning about myself through how those opinions might change overtime.

Which is why this blog continues as a history and time capsule. Then days like this upcoming one with so much potential are like celebrations.

Of course now the pressure is on to deliver tomorrow.

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