Super Hero Beat Up.

My son (and to be honest me too) collects and plays with the Imaginext toys. I’ve been impressed numerous times with the figure choices this line chooses for their kindergarten demographic. Especially the Alan Moore selections: Swamp Thing, Mongul with Black Mercy plant, and Killing Joke Joker. I didn’t think these toys were influencing my tot until I came across this scene today.

I swear on your holy item of choice this was all him with zero involvement from me. Lex Luthor laid out at the feet of this incarnation of the Justice League. Did they find him like this, or were they the cause? Find out in this summer’s 12 issue Crisis series.

But wait for that twist.

The Joker! Did he take out Lex, or did he watch the heroes blur lines between what is right and wrong. The Joker can’t be trusted yet the League members would have reason to lie. Tune in to Crisis on Imagine Earths.

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