WWE Fastlane 2019 Predictions.

Tonight is the final event before WrestleMania. A few things will be a little more obvious after tonight. These predictions will be influenced by what I think the Mania matches will be. Maybe a swerve or two in there. So let’s get to it.

Pre show:

Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade.

I have to imagine at this stage in his career Rey is around to help younger talent get better and look good. Andrade will most likely win a title within the calendar year and the stronger he looks even in a pre show match the better his momentum to get there.

Winner: Andrade.

(During the pre show a four man United States title match was announced. Rey v Andrade v R-Truth v Samoa Joe (champ). New prediction is Samoa Joe retains.)

The New Day vs. Nakamura and Rusev.

At first I was sure that New Day would win to give Kofi a victory on his road to WrestleMania. But Kofi is the New Day member on the outside for this one. New Day can survive the loss and still look strong. But the other two have been stuck at US title level and sometimes barely that for the last year. A successful tag team run could change that path.

Winners: Nakamura and Rusev.

Main Show:

The Usos (Smackdown tag team champions) vs. Shane McMahon and the Miz.

Wrestling fans have been waiting months for the team of Shane and Miz to explode. Someone is turning on the other. With WrestleMania in the horizon and inching closer, now is the time for this speculation to become reality. My guess is the Usos win and after the match the break up happens.

Winners: The Usos.

The Revival (Raw tag team champions) vs. Chad Gable and Bobby Roode vs Aleister Black and Ricochet.

This match might steal the show. So much talent in the ring. Two of the guys just came up from NXT and are grabbing that opportunity and proving they deserve it all over again. The best way to get over “new” talent is with a title and I think that change will take place here.

Winners and new champions: Aleister Black and Ricochet.

Sasha Banks and Bayley (Women’s tag team champions) vs Nia Jax and Tamina.

On the other hand, a brand new title deserves a reign of enough time to establish it. Can’t change the champions too fast. This is the first title defense for the inaugural champions. The women are going to steal the show at WrestleMania and having two of the Four Horsewomen in the tag title match is guaranteed to make the biggest show of the year that much bigger.

Winners and still champions: The Boss and Hug Connection.

Asuka (Smackdown Women’s champion) vs. Mandy Rose.

Classic wrestling booking says there’s more money to be made with a heel champion. There are more places to go with Mandy Rose as champion than Asuka. Mandy as the stunning blonde with attitude. She has a tough best friend that can be her muscle. She can be the mean girl taking what she wants from any other female wrestler. Asuka can build herself back up, or I think a trade to Raw would be great for her.

Winner and new champion: Mandy Rose.

The Shield vs. Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley.

I mean, really? Do we really have to debate the winner? Roman Reigns comes back to say his cancer is in remission. Seth Rollins gets Brock Lesnar at Mania and Dean might be leaving the company the next night. Of course they’re winning.

Winners: Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta. SHIELD.

Daniel Bryan (Smackdown champion) vs Kevin Owens.

Such a weird one. I mean, Bryan has to win to set up him vs Kofi at Mania. But Kevin Owens just came back from injury and having him lose seems foolish too. Which means it’s time for a screwy ending! DQ, count out, something. Probably wiht Kofi Kingston running out at the end.

Kevin Owens wins the match but Daniel Bryan keeps the title.

Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte – If Becky wins she’s back in the Raw Women’s title match at WrestleMania.

Tonight the main event for WrestleMania is confirmed. Becky has been the biggest star in all of WWE since SummerSlam. She keeps getting pushed down and screwed over and the fans love her for it. She has had her opportunity taken away multiple times but the win here will finally give her the spot. Ronda has the title, Charlotte has the shot and Becky is the only one on the outside. There might still be a twist and turn on the road to WrestleMania but as long as the Showcase of the Immortals ends with Becky holding the Raw women’s title high, the route doesn’t matter. My guess is Ronda comes out meaning to cost Becky the match but inadvertently gives her the win.

Winnder and going to WrestleMania: Becky Lynch.

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