Mail/Haul Day

It’s here. A little bit of fun on eBay led to a content creating purchase. Plus there is the stack of comics and magazines I’ve bought over the last month. All of it is a peek at future posts.

I can’t wait to meticulously go through this magazine. Another installment of Rock & Rule. I’m currently reading the 1983 comic Batman and the Outsiders. Plus any Star Wars article from this time is full of forgotten thoughts and predictions. That’s just the cover. I’m already looking into a mention within of a new comic book character that was going to be a major motion picture but then fell apart. Forgotten to time.

Plus there are all of these works. Some were a recent trip to a cheap comics boxes. Some were gifts. All are going to be explored like time capsules.

Sharp eyed long time readers will see some new additions to the Speedball collection. Always my favorite male super hero.

But I felt there should be a favorite female character as well. One that would be possible to collect. So big long term ones like Wonder Woman are out. Red She Hulk however has lots of adjectives but not that many appearances. Plus she has a forgotten special connection to this site.

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