Up Up and On My Way.

The best laid plans. I had a long and painful day at the day job. Then we went to see a friend in the middle of an upsetting week. Sometimes it’s difficult to find time to dedicate to a post.

While I could take a day off, therein lies abandonment. When I started blogging there was a multitude of fellow writers posting brilliant pieces daily. There were so many we even did a Christmas exchange. Now I can’t even imagine it. There’s not even enough left to field a baseball team. If any of us could play.

I’ve had to walk away before for various reasons but longevity will get you somewhere. I’m not sure where that is yet but I’m closer than when I began. Plus I have always come back. Unlike, well, what’s the point of naming those no longer around to read it?

But I will keep on. Letting the world know my voice is still out there. Whether it’s a hundred words to check in or thousands on some movie no one’s ever heard of.

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