How Should I Feel About This?

New revelation of the day: different search engines yield different results. I hit a wall searching for something on Google and in frustration tried another option. Problem solved so well I wasted more time with other searches and explorations. Great discoveries out there. Including this!

Now earlier this month I wrote about this site celebrating ten years. Also that there was a precursor named Hellions Magazine. Plural.

On the one hand it’s kind of funny because I feel I got to the name first thus they went with a single Hellion. No animosity here. Plenty of internet for all of us. I’m sure there’s some great content here. It might be defunct. No updates in awhile but anyone producing content is well aware sometimes life happens and updates need to take a back seat for a bit. It’s not goodbye, it’s a pause.

While I have been writing constantly as a Hellion I have no where near the social media presence that Singular has. More Facebook, Twitter, Instagram too. Could have been natural, could have hired a service to help those numbers. Either way they got it. Which honestly gives me a bit of jealousy.

That jealousy can be channeled in a positive way. Get my own followers up. Be a higher search engine result. More likely though is at some point the two sites will be confused and that online arts and culture magazine will have a hell of a time explaining pro wrestling to their audience.

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