Rome Don’t Stop Returns.

Years ago when I first moved to this area I would take pictures of various oddities in the area. Things I encountered. Whether done by ignorance or apathy. Or maybe my mind is twisted. I recently found a collection of photos that hasn’t been seen in years. If at all. It’s going to be an added quick feature on the site for days when I’m not done prepping longer posts.

Today’s installment: fleas.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s fake. But no. Years before we had a car my wife and I were out for a walk and saw this on a shed/garage/hovel.

This was as close as I was willing to get. If the fleas are normal flea size than it’s possible some of them could be hopping around outside the doors.

Or, these are giant mutant fleas. The kind that need to be locked up in a shed with an absurdly large warning. The kind that might smell my blood and burst through the plywood with all the strength that hunger and rage provides.

My only hope for defense is fire. But this clapboard Hooverville homestead would spread flame easier than butter from that stick your grandmother left out on the kitchen counter year round.

These fleas have their own circus, and they are the elephants of it.

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