Steel Endgame.

Another adventure took place today. My son and I discovered the Justice League Action Cartoon. This caused all of the Legos, regardless of franchise, to be brought out. Dinosaurs with Avengers hanging out with Spacemen. Everything was on the table but these two really got my attention.

I was informed that this is angry Superman and nice guy Captain America.

I find it tough to argue with him at all. When I questioned the handcuffs my son said it’s a “bad guy trap.”

While it would be easy for me to project my own storytelling, this is all him. I try not to steer or direct him at all. The minutia is unimportant. At five years old it doesn’t matter if a character is Marvel, DC, Hasbro, or anything else. The play is so pure. Unlike so many adults who have to nitpick gatekeep and correct anyone’s enjoyment.

I find more joy creating new worlds with and for an audience of one than obsessively keeping up to date on every new 30 something comic.

While he’ll grow and mature in so many ways I hope he keeps some of that mental immaturity. Just like his father does.

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