What Fresh Hell March 2019. Pokemon and Blood Drive.

Welcome to the March edition of “What Fresh Hell” where I talk about the media I consumed within the last month that didn’t warrant it’s own post.

Something about this month has absolutely killed my free time. I’m even behind on YouTube shows I enjoy that average 15 minutes in length. I’m sure of two reasons. One, I did two trips this month to my hometown. Both were well worth it and enjoyable in ways that feel content and comforting. Like being under a warm blanket long enough to continuously cover your feet. However, this leads to less and less time to indulge.

My son does not have this problem though. He has discovered Pokemon and I’m not sure how I didn’t see this coming. Favorite color: yellow. So there’s Pikachu. For nearly a year he’s been interested in monsters. Godzilla, the Rampage movie, and so on. He isn’t violent himself but he definitely likes over the top fights like on super hero cartoons. Finally, he loves learning way too much information and then sharing it. With 700, or is it 800, Pokemon to learn and watch each episode that focuses on them individually, we’re in for the long term. The original cartoon, now called Indigo League, is available in multiple places. The newest incarnation, Sun and Moon, is overly complicated but so are the X-Men. Within the last week we were enjoying the previous one, XY, which on April 1 was pulled off of Netflix. I searched for hours to find a replacement stream to no luck. Thankfully a bit of slight of hand and distraction has convinced my son to enjoy the new season of Sun and Moon. I will regret this, as these are the current group of toys. I should count my blessings he’s not into the cards yet.

On the extreme other end of things, I was trying my best to watch Blood Drive. One episode in to the single 13 episode season and I was hooked. Unfortunately the Syfy app is watch the first one free then enter your cable subscriber information to watch the rest. Syfy, I don’t know how to tell you this. The entire reason I have a Roku, with your app and many others, is because I don’t have cable. The entire reason most people have these things is because cable is no longer an option.

Anyways, I started watching Blood Drive. Absolutely loved it and now have to find a way to get the entire season/series into my home. Blood Drive is set in an alternate United States that is suffering after the Great Frakking Quakes. It’s anarchy, corporate police, heat waves, what else could be worse in this world? Try a lack of fuel.

So what do young, attractive, and/or odd looking people do? They drive across country to win money. But what will they do for gas? Well, in this world the cars are customized to run on blood. Human blood. Every person is not only competition, they’re also fuel. Blood. Drive.

It is a love letter to grindhouse cinema and even though I only saw one episode, I loved every bit. Blood, sex, gore, language, sci-fi, fast cars, freaks, possible aliens or robots. I don’t know, I only saw one episode! But it was glorious.

Alas, in this day when everyone wants to get rid of all their tapes and discs for online content herein lays another reminder. All of that is temporary. Ownership is the only guarantee. I now need to hunt for these shows so they can be enjoyed at any time.


  1. OMG I freakin LOVE Blood Drive!! I’m still waiting for a US BluRay release but I’m afraid if it hasn’t happened yet, it probably won’t. I think it’s only been released in the UK so far 😦

    • It’s on my to buy list right now. Im wondering if the DVD has even more. Not that I would call the show censored but maybe slightly adjusted for tv.

      • There were definitely sections in later episodes where I wondered if the uncensored version would be available or if they just shot it “censored” to be more of a tease.

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