Unearthing Fox Kids.

Earlier this year I was visiting my mom and wondered if there might be some old hats and gloves. Things I wore when I was a kid that my son could wear when he’s visiting. It’s always a good idea to have multiple things at the places your child will visit the most. That way if it goes missing, you’re not out the only one.

I start looking in the downstairs closet. Pass the coats. In a corner is one of those three drawer stands most of the country has right next to the door. Throw your keys and mail on top after a long day at work. Keep items in the drawers that make tons of sense to have immediately available at the front door then completely forget that’s where they are any time it would be useful.

Buried under many hats and mittens that haven’t seen light in about 25 years I found a magazine. Folded in half and forgotten. Most likely it was one of The aforementioned pieces of mail set on top and then shoved in a drawer for the never coming “later”.

Later has arrived.

The Totally Kids Fox Kids magazine from Winter 1994. Celebrating all the hit shows airing after school and Saturday mornings. Power Rangers, X-Men, Spider-Man and more. The Tick on the cover.

There are comics, educational pieces, and lots of advertising. It may be from the mid 90s but that is further away than any of us care to admit. Things like this that came free to kids in the mail is a bygone treat.

While there is no shortage of things to write about here I had to throw one more in.

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