Hundra (1983) Movie Review Part 2.

It’s time to see what the warrior woman is up to. To catch up with the loincloth lioness. The Amazonian Artemis.

You can read PART 1 here to catch up.

Hundra goes off in search of a companion. But first, a little battle. I actually do mean little. When she leaves the senior voice of her society Hundra encounters a band of diminutive warriors attempting to halt her path. The leader rides a show pony. While Hundra may be showcased as greater than any man that doesn’t mean men who might face prejudice get any justice here. It’s a unique battle because the smaller warrior evades Hunrda’s usual attacks and gets in good shots on her and the horse. Hundra’s dog, Beast, is safe.

Once Hundra adapts to the attack, he is easily defeated, but her battle wounds take the toll. Hundra leads her horse to the water, not to drink, but to frolic. There both horse and woman prance around naked in the waves. Hey, it’s the 80’s. The uninjured dog waits nearby on the sand. Probably making sure no one removes Hundra’s socks from her sneakers and finds her beach money which was hidden with great security and originality.

This water was apparently magical though and now everyone is healed. Physically. Hundra is about to make a damaging move mentally and emotionally.

The story switches to a new lothario. He is crass, gassy, rude, self centered. The kind of guy who makes all the women swoon. His travelling group of… I’m not sure. Prisoners? Concubines? Fragile people who want protection even though it might be a worst situation? Who knows, not a lot of character building here. The important part is that he will hoard everything and literally throw scraps to the women to fight over. He’s a charmer for sure but I’m willing to bet at least one of the women thinks “but I can change him!”

Hundra sees this scene and instead of rescuing the women, decides that this first male she found is good enough to lay with in hopes of creating the first child to rebuild her tribe. While this story has been land locked, Hundra at some point adopted an “any port in a storm” mantra.

This flatulent bull charms his way right out of Hundra’s pants. Um, her animal skirt. He lacks any romance, turns her away from him, bites. There’s no foreplay. This will not be a pleasurable experience for our heroine. She has eventually bit her tongue enough and stops him before anything has started. Not one to deal with rejection, he tries to now force himself on Hundra. She in turn knocks him through multiple walls and doors until he can no longer get up. Hundra tries to inspire the women to ride with her as equals. But they have never known another way of life and stand by the newly emasculated devil they know.

Hundra rides to what passes for a city in this era. She does not act like any of the domestic women that inhabit this city. All but her serving some greater agenda. She fights off the guards and leads them in a cat and mouse chase through the city. Up stairs, ladders, tripping them into spectacular falls. At no point is Hundra in any danger and in turn she makes fools out of dozens of men that are supposed to be symbols of authority in this community. When no man can best her, why would she let any of them bed her?

Confidence gets the best of Hundra and she makes one wrong step while atop a tower. No man defeated her, she beat herself. Hundra falls at least 50 feet, breaking through the thatch roof of a dwelling and luckily (with tons of symbolism) lands in a bed.

This draws the attention of the other two people in the home. A young child who was hurt but is now no longer in pain, and the area’s lone doctor. He turns to politely greet Hundra, who literally just fell from heaven, then back to comforting and tending to the child.

Hundra is smitten. She can be the warrior and this attractive sensitive male can be in the tent raising children and having a glass of mead and literal bunny slippers ready at what passes for a door the moment Hundra is back from a long day of killing things with arrows.

She lets her intentions known and the doctor informs Hundra that he does not know her and thus is not attracted to her. This despite her impeccable aim as she throws three knives in strategic places thus keeping him trapped but saving his intimate appendages. Hundra vows to convince him, as she has never known a more promising mate. Once this vow passes her lips a larger force rushes into the doctor’s home to take Hundra into custody.

Stay tuned to discover what happens to your chromosome changed Conan next time .

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