Good Pavement Makes Good Neighbors.

Not my street but a close example.

So we got new neighbors across the street this week. Spring break week. Thankfully my son has been off from school because I don’t know how a bus will drive down a road similar to what you see above.

There are at least three vehicles if not more constantly since they moved in. The wife’s car in front of their house. His truck parked in front of our house. Now, we’re on a corner so I can park in our driveway or on the other street. The problem is the third if not more vehicles.

Because the work vehicle is also parked on the road. A tow truck. If not multiple AAA partnered trucks. If I’m in the garage/driveway I have to either back up at an angle into another neighbor’s driveway or angle my car in and out like Austin Powers stuck in the hallway.

I’m a bit of a pacifist and the type who would suffer in my own wet clothes instead of causing waves for someone else. But this adventure is about to be bigger than me.

The school bus is an obvious problem. I’m not sure if the bus can get down the road under these conditions. Twice a day, five days a week. Plus any time there’s construction the city bus detours down our street. Some of these bus drivers have little tolerance for anything and I’m expecting at least a loud horn first thing in the morning.

Also, and maybe more worrisome, the city ambulance garage is two blocks away. Our block is the main turning point for these emergency vehicles. I’ve already seen them have to slow down due to this self centered parking.

Now I start to look into my options. I’ve read far too much city code and laws over the last couple days. Yet nothing that appears helpful.

Tune in to the next exciting adventure.

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