Wendy’s Build Your Own Toys

These new Wendy’s kids meal toys are surprisingly fun.

Within spring/Easter break my son discovered Wendy’s. Fries, chicken nuggets, toy; he’s there. Throw in the discovery that our local one has a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine and the sanctuary of square burgers is a theme park. The brass rail queue. Two steps down to the window seats. TVs on the walls. If this keeps up he’s going to look at Dave Thomas the way my generation views Mr Rogers.

While I’m enjoying a 4 for $4 or the new $5 meal, my son is exploring all the pieces of his new toy. One of six build your own car. Part Wacky Races. Part Rat Fink. These little things are deceptively simple. Once you put together one the rest will snap into place in seconds. The details in the Art is worth the entire meal price.

The box for this sub guy was accidentally thrown out. He has one of the few hatches so the rectangle figure can escape. Either to explore the fathoms where Wendy’s Lent option resides or when back on dry land.

Move over Henry Munster, there’s a new Dragula in town. Sugar skull style but made to drift. This rocket from the crypt is a close second favorite for me.

Remember the old footage of early airplane prototypes? Too many wings, gears, little understanding of aeronautics. That’s what I picture here. Adam Earhart in the cockpit throwing together whatever he finds in a scrap yard with hopes of making it cross country when in reality cross county is a stretch.

Current favorite. The Log Jammer. Driven by Bigfoot. If this vehicle was real he would have easily defeated the Six Million Dollar Man. Check out the goggles too. Even though Sasquatch may be rarely seen that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to see. Even cryptids believe in safety.

There’s two more to find for a complete set. Sure, Wendy’s might not have toys for the new hit movie but they’re in the winners circle for quality and imagination.

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