Hundra (1983) Movie Review Part 3.

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When last we saw Hundra she crashed through what passes for a doctor’s office, fell in love, and was then taken away by the authorities and charged with not only being a strong woman but also making the male leaders look like fools.

Hundra allows herself to be taken away by the same men she easily bested earlier. All part of the master plan. In her mind as long as she is in custody that gives that much more time for her to have more interaction with the doctor (Pateray) causing him to fall madly in love with her. Or enough to put a baby in her belly.

Speaking of making babies, the tribal chiefs gather to over indulge in drink and food and trained virgins. I should have put both of those words in quotes. The leader believes Hundra can be tamed to serve alongside these women. And thus the wacky hijinx ensue! I bet it goes a little something, like this…

Hundra rebels against every attempt made to docile her. Not enough all at once to risk death or torture, but enough where the chiefs no longer want to look at her. She is made to stay with the other women and befriends one, Cracima. Cracima teaches her how to get along without selling herself out. In turn, Hundra teaches Cracima how to be a warrior. Once pregnant Hundra won’t only save herself, she’s going to save the rest of the women as well. This friendship also leads to Hundra not only learning how to sneak out so she can meet up with Pateray late at night but also have someone cover for her appearing less and appearing more.

Yes, during one of these midnight house calls, Hundra finds herself with child. She and Cracima are positive they’ve kept it a secret from the chiefs. Lot of carefully draped loincloths. Just like on sitcoms today.

They weren’t as clever as they thought though. Moments after giving birth (to a boy!) the high chiefs barge in and have all the power over Hundra. They not only steal away her newborn but Cracima’s son as well. Cracima is left to rot while Hundra is brought in front of all the assembled chiefs so they can teach her her place.

At this moment I remember this movie was made in 1983 and ready myself for a possible grindhouse swerve. There has been minimal nudity, and no over the top gore to accentuate any deaths. So far this movie could be seen during a basic cable Saturday night at the drive in theme weekend. But this scene builds the intensity. All signs point to Hundra discovering the nearby ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

But wait! At the last moment a hero appears! Is it Pateray? Or perhaps the scum of a man from earlier in the movie? No! It’s Cracima! She has freed herself, the children, and sent word to Pateray. The sight of another woman who was once a slave to men now rising up against them gives Hundra the strength to rise up once more. Pateray throws her sword which she easily catches and does not put down until all have felt it. The power that Cracima gives Hundra now is passed on to all of the women. No longer property, they rise up against the men as well. While Hundra takes out the majority of her captors every woman gets in some hits.

Hundra rides off at the end, with her son and that same horse and dog. She will keep her bond with Pateray but it also appears she has a new tribe of women ready to live up to the examples left behind by her slain sisters.


There’s a good chance that as part of this project I’m going to watch another swords and sorcery epic from this year. When I picked Hundra though I really thought it would be a catalyst to watch many barbarian themed movies. From Conan to Beastmaster and so on. Maybe even follow the lineage to Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

However, Hundra is not a beloved cult film to appear on lists of barbarians, or women, or even just this year. It’s okay and a nice find for anyone who has already seen the best in the genre. While I could watch Joysticks or Rock and Rule again right now and enjoy every moment, there’s a good chance this is my one and only viewing of Hundra. The first fail of this year long project.

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