Lessons in Promotions (Woodstock 50)

For those readers unaware, I live a stone’s throw away from where Woodstock 99 took place. Y’know, that Woodstock. The one where everything fell apart and everyone tried to figure out why.

One of the leading theories is the failure of accommodations and nourishment. This concert wasn’t held in a field. It was on a closed military air strip. All concrete and asphalt. In August. For three days. No trees or shade. Outdoor concert.

But at least water is cheap and plentiful, right? Ten dollars a bottle. 1999 money.

So let’s have thousands of kids without sleep, drink, shade and more for three days culminate with the angriest most aggressive get your feelings out music of the entire weekend. I honestly can’t think of any other outcome.

Twenty years later though lessons have surely been learned. Especially after the Fyre Fest fiasco from last year.

However word is already coming out that there are multiple problems with this year’s anniversary concert. In order to get in front of any negative publicity the tickets went on sale. Which could be because the weekend is going according to plan or it could be a desperate need for immediate cash flow.

If only there was some way to know which.

Like, for example, if Syracuse’s local news reported tickets will cost $450.

Not covering food, shelter, none of it. People are online writing this puts a dent in their hotel room budget. I got news for you. There aren’t any. At least none that will be easily accessible after standing outside for hours with thousands of other people. I have a better chance of getting into your room than you do, average concert goer.

This is my official prediction of failure. Not of the bands nor any artist. But for the promoters. Place your bets in the comments below.

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