I Have To.

Recently a friend went through some life changes. (Being a little vague as I did not ask permission to share.) I asked why, why change so much around you? Three words: “I have to.”

I can’t even express how hard that hit me. With the force and weight of someone saying I love you for the first time on a tired sitcom.

But this is real life.

I have to.

And I couldn’t disagree with this at all. Everything is summed up in the word choice. Not want, need, should, supposed to, asked to, etc.


I have to get early for work even though it sucks. I have to trade off our kid with my wife and accomplish all that I can before evening.

I have to write. To create something. Just like I have to work to afford food and shelter. Or I have to take care of my son so he stays alive. I have to write. Depression and doubt take place when I don’t. This outlet becomes as necessary as breathing.

Some days can be measured as your life before and after. Days where a decision was made and a new path laid out. A path I/you/they now have to take.

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