How to Discover Hundreds of Easter Eggs You Missed in Avengers Endgame

Have you seen the number one movie in the world yet? Did you watch all or most of the previous films? Were there references you got but still a feeling that you missed some? Want an easy way to discover them all?

Then head out this Saturday to Free Comic Book Day just click that link, enter your zip code, and find a comic book store close to you.

On FCBD every major publisher releases one specific free title that comic shops can give away to readers. It’s about trying something new for free and maybe you enjoy it enough to come back for more.

Marvel will release a free Avengers title setting up the next big story for the ever changing team.

Most stores will limit how many selections you can get for free. Ensuring all patrons get a copy. Most stores will also have sales and helpful staff to direct you to more stories.

Infinity Gauntlet is the biggest inspiration for recent Marvel films. Every one of your favorite characters has numerous comics and graphic novels full of great stories. Don’t worry about where any of it fits into the grand scheme. Just read it cover to cover and enjoy what’s in your hands.

The more people that read comics, the more comics get made. The more that get made, the more inspirations for the next round of big screen super heroes.

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