Dragonfly & Dragonflyman #1 Ahoy Comics FCBD 2019 Review.

What’s up Ahoy Comics? I’ve been meaning to talk about you for awhile. I notice you’re based out of Syracuse. I’m not in Syracuse but I am born, raised, and still living within the 315. I look forward to reading more from you in the months and years ahead.

This comic features:

Dragonfly & Dragonflyman “Police Crackdown”. Tom Peyer, writer. Russ Braun, artist. Andy Troy, colorist. Rob Steen, letterer.

Captain Ginger “Bully”. Stuart Moore, writer. June Brigman, penciler. Roy Richardson, inker. Veronica Gandini, colorist. Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt, letterer.

Poe vs the Black Cat. Hunt Emerson, writer/artist.

When Stars Explode. Hart Seely, writer. Frank Cammuso, illustrator.


This Free Comic Book Day issue features a lot of set up for the upcoming Dragonfly and Dragonflyman comic. Thankfully too, because this concept is nuts and I’m going to have to get it. Ahoy Comics work is already done, I’m hooked on the free sample and ready to fork over money for more.

Dragonfly is a dark and gritty hero in Fortune City on Earth-Omega. He has a sidekick, Stinger, who is not as dark but getting there. He’s definitely a Batman analog, with the car and money, but somehow even darker. With Batman the history comes into play and there’s a belief deep within us that he will only go so far. Dragonfly as a new character has none of that and thus brings an extra level of danger with every panel and every movement.

Throughout the issue we see how far his world has fallen into corruption. There are villains without redeeming qualities, without mercy, and because of that any hero needs to fight on their level. Fighting from a nobler peak would most likely result in the hero’s defeat. Or would it?

Because elsewhere, on Earth-Alpha, is Dragonflyman. All of the dot colored lack of seriousness from classic comic books. Big bold colors, ridiculous plots, and overall just a good time. Dragonflyman is stopped by the police and a brand new villain. Nothing makes sense anymore. At least to the reader it doesn’t, because Dragonflyman is a brilliant crime stopper and has everything figured out in a nice bow before the last page. It’s a pleasure, it’s fun, but in no way would it work in modern comics.

Again, or would it? Because this entire issue is a set up for the new series from Ahoy Comics in which these two heroes trade worlds. These two characters were nothing to me before reading this preview. Now I have to message my local comic book shop and see if they can order an extra copy of the series for me. We’re never going to see a thing like this with decades different versions of Batman, because that would require DC to admit one is better, or correct. Ahoy doesn’t have this obstacle by using new characters in finite series. Thankfully finite, and thus easy to afford and add to any comic lovers pull list.

Add The Wrong Earth to your pull list this May.

Captain Ginger features anthropomorphic cats in a space ship reflecting on old times while blasting off to their next adventure. This is only 8 pages and absolutely loaded. First of all of course is these humanoid cats.  In space. But to finish the journey to completely out there, this tale implies a full Battlestar Galactica level of society. Tiers on the space ship. The haves and have nots. Yet with everything cats are. Adorable, cuddly, friendly one minute and absolutely feral going for your eyes with Ginsu claws the next. One of the greatest tricks in comics is using animals to tell serious stories (Maus, Omaha, WE3) and Captain Ginger is judging the jump right now, intent on making it.

For any of you who have ever enjoyed Mad magazine, the two page Pie and the Black Cat is for you. Edgar Allen Poe’s cartoon adventures with a cat who looks to have far more than 9 lives. It is some dark dark mature comedy but Ahoy is now 3 for 3 getting future money out of me.

When Stars Explode is a short one page essay highlighting some of the worst exclamations in celebrity autobiographies. Most of these people didn’t get famous because they can write, and it shows.

Free Comic Book Day features another success and Ahoy Comics brings bride to upper and central New York.  No.  Upper New York.  No, you’re still in the city.  Upper.  Orange county? Have you even gone up at all?!  Further up.  More.  More.  Y’know, we’re closer to Canada than another major US city, does that work for you? Yes.  Yes it is cold.  All the snow.  We stay inside and read Ahoy Comics.

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