Pokemon Detective Pikachu Character Fan Theory.

A co-worker had also seen Detective Pikachu and came to me with a crazy idea. It is so crazy not only do I think it just might work, but I also think she’s correct. If this movie gets a sequel and expands into familiar areas of the Pokemon story I think teasers have already appeared.

This post contains spoilers for the Detective Pikachu movie so if you want to be spoiler free, here’s your moment to exit.

For the rest of you.

In the movie the Pokemon which can transform it’s appearance to that of any other Pokemon, Ditto, plays a large part in the villain’s scheme. Ditto even transforms into a human and it’s a great reveal during the movie.

But it leads to some questions about Ditto’s powers. A little research confirms that Ditto not only can imitate Pokemon but also humans. This power is shown often in the original anime.  The original cartoon has also established that if a Ditto copies something in front of it, the copy will be perfect, but if a Ditto goes from memory It will get details wrong.

Which brings me to one of the obvious Ditto copies in Detective Pikachu – this pink haired girl, Ms. Norman played by Suki Waterhouse.

Now, if Ditto can only copy something it has seen then that means this person exists in the world. I wonder if there is any female character, on the side of evil, with crazy colored hair, who is in the world of Pokemon? Also, could this character be connected to a company manufacturing a gas to control Pokemon called R? Something that starts with R? And crazy hair. And bad guys? If only there was an answer.

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