New Worlds in Cats.

Every so often I’m aware of how insular my life is. I have a wealth of knowledge and news for pop culture I’m interested in but things outside of that just don’t enter the house. I’m aware of the sports, celebrities, and the mainstream interests. But I do forget there are other niches that seem just as unfamiliar to me as the title belts and capes and cowls seem to others. When one of these things crosses my eyes I try to keep an open mind. Other times.

I do not understand this at all. I’m assuming this guy has a show called Cat Whisperer or was on Shark Tank and this more famous than me. But I don’t see the need to reinvent the laser pointer. If I did I would make it more appealing to cats, including packaging. I have never bought a cat toy based on brand, or headshot. The choice is always what will keep this fur ball occupied while I eat dinner.

Best purchase so far? Little color puff balls meant for crafts. Not even cat toys! See also cardboard boxes and sunlight.

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