Launching the Team Hellions Patreon.



Become a Patron!

That’s right. Today begins a new era for the site. An era where you can change the course of history. An era of Patreon supporters.

Direct Patreon link:

To start off there will be two tiers. The Patreon could change in the future based on a variety of factors. For now though, there is a $1 a month tier and a $5 a month tier. Super affordable for everyone.

$1 tier named after the lil’ devil from Harvey comics, Hot Stuff.

For $1 your name will appear under the Supporters page for the site, with a link to any and all projects you have. Your own blog, a band, a comic, whatever it may be.





$5 tier named after Marvel Comics’ horror character, the Son of Satan, Hellstorm!

For $5 you get everything that the $1 Patrons get but also you get to create blog content. Once a month every $5 supporter gets to suggest one blog post topic. Have a comic, movie, TV show, etc that you would like me to review? Did you create something yourself and would like a post that not only reviews but also brings attention to your project? Then the $5 tier is for you. Plus, you get to do this every month.

(Content suggestions must be site appropriate in genre, theme, and rating.)

So come along for the ride and join the Team!

Direct Patreon link:

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