Seattle NHL.

I know. I know. Why are sports sneaking in on this page?

Not by choice.

There are lots of magazines delivered here. Once I’m on one list other things start showing up. One such magazine is Sports Illustrated for Kids. I feel compelled to at least look through every magazine that comes through. Usually I read none of it. Sometimes one article. But I didn’t expect art and creativity inside.

The magazine asked kids to come up with names for Seattle’s NHL expansion team. After some research I see that Totems is the current lead. That’s honoring history but lame compared to what these kids created.

Seattle Rattle is by far my favorite name. I don’t know how big the rattlesnake population is in the great northwest but the rhyme alone is worth it.

Pikes isn’t bad. Yeti would be fun and could lead to some cool merchandise. Seattle Bigfoot or Sasquatch would play up local legends.

The best though is the 13 year old that came up with the Seattle Steelhead design. Holding the Space Needle like a hockey stick is inspired.

If society is going to collectively watch super heroes and dragons then we also need better team logos than giant letters. This wealth of creativity even got me interested in a sport, albeit briefly. Hockey is the one on ice, right?

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