Wasting a Dollar

I’m not a car person. Not only in real life but also in the appeal of other cars. Shows, models, rebuild, all of that.

But I do have a spot for pop culture vehicles. A-Team Van, Mystery Machine, KITT. Apparently aware of people like me, Hot Wheels has released some over the years. Numerous Batmobiles. Back to the Future. A lot of obvious ones. So I keep a look out for something crazy. Never did I expect this though.

The infamous Spider-Buggy. What cartoon aimed at pre schoolers is this from, I hear you ask. Oh no. No no no. This is cannon.

Officially called the Spider-Mobile this vehicle dates back to 1974 and first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #130. An advertising firm approached Spider-Man about driving a vehicle featuring a client’s new non polluting engine. And they would pay. Peter Parker always needs extra cash so he reluctantly agreed and hijinx ensued. The car was forgotten for nearly 30 years but now shows up as a beloved and reluctantly respected joke. It also shows up on a shelf with the other pop culture Hot Wheels I’ve been collecting. Now to find the Scooby Doo Batmobile.

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