It’s Crunching Time

Back to a simpler time. Back to 1994 and the Fox Kids magazine previously revealed on this site.

There is just so much here.

One, I always felt this Power Rangers art looked rushed and half assed. This image features Lord Zed and the White Ranger which means it came a little later. Late enough that there was time for better art to be made. The Cap’n is drawn noticeably better so the talent is there.

Speaking of the Cap’n, he might just be the most versatile cereal mascot there is. There is no good reason he should still be so popular. I have a box in my collection for a future post that spotlights all the good sailing Crunch has seen.

For example he has seen video game technology move from these green black patterns that were actually just a couple of alternating images into the handheld phone games seemingly without limits.

The only limit is in the cereal itself and how one wrong angle and the Cap’n makes the roof of your walk the plank.

The cost of the watch equals between $15-16 today which isn’t bad. No need to plunder other ships.

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