Mountain Dew Liberty Brew Soda Review.


Every summer, there is a new soda. A beverage that those of us who try to avoid sunlight can drink at those rare cook outs and gatherings during the warmest of months. Ecto Cooler, Crystal Pepsi, New Coke – all of the more recent ones have been throwbacks. Mountain Dew has shown up with a brand new flavor to shove the rest of summer aside.

Marketed as “50 Flavors in One”, Liberty Brew is intended as a combination of flavors from each state. I would like to see what flavors correspond to which states, and I also in no way taste 50 different notes in this. That would be over 2 per ounce.

While I went in to this taste test with a bit of snark, I’m actually taken aback. While there aren’t 50, this is a bit of a magic drink. New flavors with each sip and blurring the lines between thought and reality. My first sip was cotton candy. This alone would have been a good taste choice for a beverage. Cotton candy is connected to county fairs, parades, baseball games. All memories of summer. I could have been content here. Going back to 50 flavors, I stated to wonder what state claimed cotton candy. Also, what would be the easy answers for other states. Apples for New York? Pineapple for Hawaii? Then a funny thing happened.

I created those tastes.  Next sip – pineapple. Next – where did watermelon come from?! Berry, cherry, I think there’s a real subtle lime. Every classic or even rare soda flavor that enters my mind presents itself in the next gulp. This is the liquid equivalent of the yanny/Laurel video from a year ago. Your brain hears what it wants to hear and my tongue tastes what it thinks it should be tasting. It’s honestly making my mind spin.

Pick up a 12 pack or more this summer and bring it to a party. Don’t tell anyone what flavor the soda is, see what answers your party guests say. Turn it into a new game. Add some alcohol to really mess with everyone.


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