Unleashing Hell … On Schedule!

First of all, I would love some feedback on this. Whether in the comments below or through your social media of choice, or regular ole’ e-mail.  If you’re reading this then you are a valuable follower of this blog and I appreciate your thoughts and opinions.

That image is from an episode of the Simpsons in which Mr Burns is told he has so many diseases that they are all fighting to get out at the same time but become jammed and thus none of them get through. “The Three Stooges Syndrome”. That’s what my ideas are like. There is zero shortage of ideas here. It drives me nuts whenever I hear someone claim they have writer’s block, because that’s not how my mind works at all. Whether it’s posts for this site, other sites, comic ideas, fantasy booking some wrestling, wondering how UFOs work, there is always something going on.

The problem is there’s too much. I sit down to write and I can’t get anything out because everything wants to come out. Comics, throwbacks, wrestling, podcasts, all of it. It’s paralyzing in a way. My fingers and my brain turn into an apathetic couple responding, “I don’t care, where do you want to eat?”

Through years of teachers, mentors, and observations I’ve come to a conclusion. I need a way to focus. Thus the weekly list!

Every day will have a pre planned theme. This will eliminate the ‘what do I write about today’ question and I could do crazy things like post earlier in the day or maybe even get ahead of schedule. Now, there will still be at least one post a day but if anything I could see this helping with multiple posts. The daily planned one, and then another that doesn’t quite fit elsewhere.

Enough talk, what do you, the reader, have to look forward to?

Metal Monday

Wednesday Comics

Throwback Thursday

Feature Friday

Bear’s Saturday Mornings

Sunday Wrestling


Some explanation is needed for a couple of these. Metal, comics, and wrestling can be anything from new releases to classic discoveries and all points in between. Some of these will still fall into the 1983 Project. Throwback is definitely 1983 and sometimes other vintage finds.

Feature Friday will be the day to post the next installment in whatever the current multi part series is that week. Currently Atari Force with plans in place for the next 2-3 ones.

Bear’s Saturday Mornings was thought of today and thus launched this entire idea. Readers are aware I have a son and while many details will remain private his viewing habits and especially what we watch together is a boon of great posts. Streaming services, YouTube, DVDs, and I’ll bet money he’s the only kid in his grade who knows of VHS.

This by default means Tuesday is new podcast episode day. A recent episode of another podcast was all about podcast pet peeves and one I am horribly guilty of is not having a concrete day of release.

I also think this will help with $5 level Pateron supporters. At that level a supporter can ask for a blog post of their choosing and depending on the topic, this would be a good way to look forward to the day your suggested post will go live.

Again, I am interested in any and all feedback on this new direction. Let’s keep it civil though. Also, I by no means think I have the answers to anything so if this doesn’t go well I’ll change course. Either way you can guarantee lots of posts for as long as the internet will have me.


  1. Way back when I started AEIOU, and had a lot more time, I planned themes for specific days. While it’s still a pretty broad way to categorize each day having a topic to focus on helps a lot.

    • Oh I still have no time. And it’s not a perfect idea. But it has helped me focus so far.

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