The Hoopla on Comics

Quick one tonight.

My nearest comic shop is a half hour away. Same with bookstore. If either are a bust the next option is an hour away. Thus sometimes I’m at a loss for reading material if I don’t want to pay eBay prices.

Thankfully my local library is small but plentiful. Best of all, it’s part of the Hoopla app.

Get yourself a free library card, grab this free app, and have movies, tv, books, audio and best of all comics on your device for free.

Walking Dead is on there. Comics from every decade. New issues. I’m reading graphic novels for future columns that would have cost me hundreds total. Search or check categories by publisher, genre, or like me “just added”.

I can read Detective #1000, or The Boys omnibus before the show starts, or finally finish Sandman.

Much like Netflix or iTunes, this will become indispensable to you and also helps your local library with its numbers. Since downloading I’ve actually spent more money on comics (when I can get there) because I enjoyed certain books so much I wanted to own them.

Get on it and let me know if you have found any similar apps.

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