Atari Force Finale.

a Feature Friday post

a Project 1983 post

Atari Force has fallen victim to a problem I’m discovering a lot as a blogger. Experiencing things decades after the time they were created.

For example, I watched the first two seasons of Heroes as they aired. And I felt hate rising up every week. While some people found it wholly original a long term comic reader like myself saw many similarities to Watchmen, Rising Stars, and other takes that came before. I knew where the story was going weeks in advance because I was familiar with the stories that inspired it. Similarly, I see twists and turns coming in Atari Force today but that doesn’t mean this path was as obvious in 1983.

This is a team of misfits, beings from every corner of the multiverse. The blonde male lead, the warrior woman, the rascal, the freak, the mother. It is a great overall original story but I kept expecting things that came to fruition. Maybe there’s a buried memory of Atari Force from back when I read all of the Who’s Who and comic history books.

Spoilers, for a 35 plus year old book. The seemingly dead hero comes back, the villain nearly wins, the team comes together and has to sacrifice everything. The world turns against the heroes, they find sanctuary together elsewhere. If anything, it reminds me of the Battlestar Galactica reboot.

Also, while I do love finite stories there’s something upsetting about this being a 20 issue series that will never be touched again. While the characters are 99% original creations there’s just enough Atari in the story for DC Comics to not have rights to the characters. Which is a damn shame. The characters can hop dimensions and could easily show up in DC today. They don’t even have to show up as a team right away. Some member of the Justice League investigates a strange space ship crash. There’s a fight, then through the smoke Dart is revealed. How did she get here? Where are the rest of the Atari Force? Will they fit into the greater DC as friends or foes? Once that much delayed Doomsday Clock title finally finishes, this is the classic team that should be integrated into the main universe.

While I did like the series and it’s absolutely worth the dollar bin prices, I think its obvious that in the end I can’t recommend it. I went long periods without reading or writing about it. I had to go back to look up details and ultimately didn’t care.

Maybe that’s fate with what was nigh for all of video games in 1983.

While there have been wins and losses for the 1983 Project, I did not expect this to be one of them. July will start a new one and right now I’m strongly considering talking about vigilantes.

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  1. I’m with you, totally worth the dollar bin collecting price. Atari Force caught my eye early on when I started collecting about 5 years ago and thought it was a fun story. But yeah, mainly collected for the price and the Atari logo.

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