“Making His Way to the Ring. In His Own Unique Way”

Sunday Wrestling

At first I thought it was just an NXT thing. Then I thought it had spread to main roster WWE, but through the NXT call ups. Last night’s AEW event confirmed it though.

Everyone needs a trademark ring entrance.

Not from curtain to ring. That has become expected over the last 40 years. Entrance music, robes and jackets. Maybe even a signature walk. It got to the point that not having one was so rare that became it’s own exclusive trait. What is widespread and new is how to actually enter the ring.

Posing in the corners of the ring, or raising one’s arms up has become more absurd. Charlotte Flair has one of the more ridiculous ones – a full cartwheel on the floor then a split with a wink followed by a back flip into a standing position. And that’s how she gets in the ring! There has been no match yet. Her entrance is not only elaborate, it is also shown so frequently it is accepted. Only by stepping outside of the “norm” that is professional wrestling can we see how absurd some of it is to the outside.

Melina had a full split. Undertaker raised the lights. Kane summoned fire. But these were rare and fit in with unique talents of these performers. If everyone gets a special entrance then no one has a special entrance.

My best guess is this is a result of video games becoming more elaborate. Not only does every wrestler feature in these games but most also allow the player to create their own characters and entrances. If an avatar of yourself is going to fight the Rock, then make every part of it look cool.

Some still make sense and would probably still be used even outside of this era when everyone needs their own.


The Riott Squad makes sense. With their punk/metal gimmick I always saw their entrance as rushing the stage. Then they stop, take a moment, and get into the ring. We’re not here to see the show, we ARE the show. A character developing entrance.

Then there’s the IIconics. And I love this team. Under rated, great comedy act, and do great heel work within the match. But what is this lay in the hammock entrance?


Great athleticism and balance but also very vulnerable. Thankfully they’re the bad guys because otherwise any smart opponent would kick her off the rope and let the fall to the floor do enough damage to pick up the victory.

We’ve seen cups, rings, sunglasses, bottles of water, shirts, blacklights. I can’t think of where else to go. Most of all I’m jealous. I need my own entrance. Something that I can do every day when entering work or coming home after a shift. Now to think of some powerful strong entrance that involves my work bag, a giant mug of coffee, and gingerly placing my feet so my knees don’t hurt too much. The Aspercreme rises to the top.

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