Bear’s Saturday Mornings: Hobby Kids TV.

Welcome to another edition of Bear’s Saturday Morning. In this weekly column I comment on what my son, aka Bear, has discovered and watched over the last week.

Hobby Kids TV is the main channel and hub for a variety of videos from the Hobby family. The family started making videos in 2013 and release new content weekly. The family comprises Hobby Dad, Hobby Mom, and Hobby kids Hobby Bear, Hobby Frog, and Hobby Pig. Depending on the video they open toys, play games, have adventures around the neighborhood. They are also the first YouTube show to present the giant surprise eggs. Toss as many toys as possible into a giant plastic eggs and watch the kids reaction to what comes out.

The videos average at 15 minutes each. Most get around a half million views but there’s a few along the way that cross over a million. The kids aren’t over the top precocious. They’re three boys with an out numbered mom. There are occasional bits of sarcasm and being boys but nothing I’ve ever found inappropriate for my son to watch. The closest the channel ever comes is when they play a kids horror video game. No blood, mostly everyone flinching backwards as the character jumps on screen.

If anything the most annoying part of the videos is not having the space to reenact certain videos at home. I would love to set up an obstacle course in the backyard. However, the size of my blogging backyard and their thousands to millions of hits backyard are vastly different.

The most impressive videos are their new cartoons. Yes, these kids have gotten so big someone was compelled to make an animated version. The Hobby Family teamed up with Butch Hartman to produce a new animated series. Hartman is best known as the creator of Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom, and more. So these cartoons are legit.

This might be the best way to get the new social media YouTube generation into classics like Animaniacs and Looney Tunes. Classic influenced with modern production animation, and a witty writing staff. Completely safe for kids but there were a few jokes I know were over Bear’s head but I laughed at.

I know my parents and grandparents found some cartoons I watched tolerable. Maybe even enjoyable. Others were punishment. HobbyKidsTV is a good right in the middle show. Not breaking any new ground, accessible, and safe. With enough influence from the Hobby parents for moms and dads watching at home to enjoy.

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