What the Fresh Hell for June 2019. She-Ra, Godzilla, SHIELD, & More.

It’s late, but this is still the monthly column looking at the media I consumed in the past month that didn’t get it’s own post.

This feature is inspired by the monthly movie post over at AEIOU and Sometimes Why. Check him out too!

Elsewhere on the site you’ll find my post on Comic Book Men. Over the last few months I watched the entire series, and I will never do that again. As someone who’s life was shaped by comic books and geek culture I ultimately found the series insulting and self shaming. The odd thing is, right after I watched Geeking Out! This show, also featuring Kevin Smith, only lasted 9 episodes on AMC but could have become something with more time. Every episode spent a couple minutes on various goings on in geek culture. New shows, movies, comics, and toys. Interviews. Tours of studios. Either Kevin or his co-hosts Greg Grunberg or Tiffany Smith would talk with a creator and act as a hype person for the product. Like a geek specific version of Entertainment Tonight. As a magazine style show, it’s a shame this didn’t last longer.

For those of you that forgot, June was Pride Month. I’m glad my son will grow up in a world where not only LBGT characters but also crazy ideas like Black, Asian, Hispanic, and – hang on to your hats – women! are on TV shows just as much as white male characters. I’m watching the original 80’s He-Man cartoon as I write this and there are more blue and green skinned characters than black. By far. Speaking of the He-Man universe and Pride Month…

The Netflix reboot of She-Ra is incredible. Adora is an orphan raised by the evil Horde. She is trained to be a soldier and indoctrinated to the Horde’s version of the outside world. With her best friend Catra, she is being groomed as the next leader who will raise the Horde to rule Etheria. But during a battle Adora discovers her true nature. She is destined to be the next She-Ra, champion of Etheria, foe of the Horde. Throughout the first season she discovers the true story behind the battle and meets with the various powered Princesses that rule the kingdoms. Adora’s journey to become the planet’s greatest hero is paralleled with destruction of her… friendship (?) with Catra. No romantic relationships of straight, gay, or bi varieties are flat out confirmed. It is a “kids” show after all. Remember how we all thought Batman and Catwoman were enemies when we were younger, then discovered all the nuances at an older age? Yeah, a lot like that. She-Ra is also just an incredible cartoon with positive messages, a season long story, great character development, and enough intrigue to keep even Game of Thrones fans happy.

The whole family went to see Godzilla: King of the Monsters. The plan started nervously. Bear (my son’s nickname), do you want to see Godzilla or Pets 2? Thankfully he picked Godzilla. I was nervous based on the commercials though. The movie looked intense, maybe just skirting an R rating. Thankfully he was excited for every moment of the movie. His only concern was getting the kaiju names correct. Avengers: Endgame was a much rougher film for him. We cheered for all the monsters and were stunned by a couple twists and turns. It’s everything a Godzilla movie is supposed to be. A couple human stories to move the plot, lots of fights, lots of destruction. I can’t wait to make a repeat outing for next year’s Godzilla vs. King Kong.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is back for a new season and this show is one of the great under rated sci-fi shows of all time. I hope that once the show is concluded and fans stop complaining about ‘what could have happened’ they appreciate what did happen. This season has half the team searching for another member in space while the other half is dealing with an alternate world doppelganger. Both stories are incredible and I’m left in shock every week.

Speaking of being left in shock. Years ago we hate-watched Pretty Little Liars. It always gave just enough to watch the next episode but none of it made any sense with a moment of thought. We begrudgingly started the sequel series, the Perfectionists. What an amazing 3-5 minutes of TV. Unfortunately it’s an hour long show. Every episode has eye rolling plots and head slapping stupid decisions. But the ending always has some crazy spin guaranteeing we watch the next episode. So far there’s no announcement on a season two, and I’m not sure if I want one. If only to free up that time and space in my head.


No school all July and August, so I’m curious where the summer takes this column.


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