Internationally Known to Rock the Microphone.


If you’re sitting there reading this site and thinking, “I wish there was more Kevin out there,” do I have good news for you!

First off, I am a regular contributor to The Retro Network. Head over to that site for lots of discussion of 80’s and 90’s pop culture from a variety of writers. Here are links to my posts on the site.

Reviewing the Garbage Pail Kids app game. 

High School Music Playlist.

Seinfeld Memories. (I selected “The Barber”.)


If that’s not enough, I’ve also been on two episodes of their podcast.

TRN Game Night: Pop Culture Clash 01

TRN Game Night: Situation Jukebox 01


If that STILL isn’t enough, I was recently a guess on the Pop Culture Pub podcast. I joined three of my friends from Canada to discuss the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Take a listen to that one at THIS LINK


I currently have two more appearances booked, plus 4-5 articles in the queue. In addition to everything you read here. And of course the comic I’m working on in secret.

If you like any of those links above, follow and subscribe to them. I’ll do posts like this every time I have a few things outside of this site to share.


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